John Paul Davis Poetry


I've been writing poetry pretty much every since I could read & write. The first poem I remember writing was when I was 6 years old. My first book, Crown Prince Of Rabbits, was published in December 2016. Check out the Books page for more about it. Or, peruse below to read poems I've had published in online literary magazines.

In Crown Prince Of Rabbits, John Paul Davis’s first full-length collection of poetry, Davis writes compellingly about the aftermath of “this American heartbreak” and the heart’s journey toward healing and wholeness. Set against the backdrop of his own history, current events, pop culture and an intimate landscape cluttered with electronic devices, Davis turns his keen eye on his own shortcomings, “every lame joke, missed connection, fumbled kiss, too-late comeback”, while raising his voice in celebration of the many blessings inside suffering and loneliness.

Davis maps a trail through both divorce’s deeply personal grief and the invasive and atomizing politics in an incresingly-divided America. Taking refuge in music and private tiny moments of the spirit, Davis approaches his subject with curiosity, wonder and openness in the face of sorrow and alienation, celebrating risk and the chance for love to heal love’s own wounds. “Rise up, dead man, / there is heartbreak & there’s music. So dance.”

Published by Great Weather For Media, Crown Prince Of Rabbits was published in 2017. (Check out the book’s page on Great Weather For Media’s site or check out the microsite for the book.)


  1. "Elexxxion" published in Rattle
  2. "Selfie" published in Salamander
  3. "Stain" published in COG
  4. "Emergency" published in COG
  5. "Smartphone" published in COG
  6. "Merger" published in No, Dear
  7. "Idle" published in No, Dear
  8. "Robot" published in Blue Earth Review
  9. "Gender" published in Matador Review
  10. "Animals" published in Matador Review
  11. "Trying" published in Calamus Journal
  12. "Self" published in Apricity
  13. "Sound" published in Apricity
  14. "Fuel" published in 45th Parallel
  15. "Body" published in Drunk In A Midnight Choir
  16. "American Funeral" published in Word Riot
  17. "Advice To A Young Writer" published in FreezeRay Poetry
  18. "Emperor Of Drones" published in Radius
  19. "Love Song With Drones & Wiretaps" published in Radius
  20. "John Woolman's 21st Century Blues" published in Radius
  21. "Bicycling Home At Dusk I Closed My Eyes & Let Go & Saw The Rabbits" published in Four Way Review
  22. "The Blank Yorke" published in Jet Fuel Review
  23. "A Geology" published in Wherewithal
  24. "Winter Compline" published in Denver Syntax
  25. "Ode To The Bite Mark You Left On My Right Shoulder" published in The Legendary
  26. "Outside Of Poetry" published in The Legendary
  27. "10-9" published in Drunk In A Midnight Choir
  28. "The Legislature Unanimously Voted My Beard State Beard" published in Drunk In A Midnight Choir
  29. "Year Of The Game Face" published in Drunk In A Midnight Choir
  30. "Toasts To David Byrne" published in The Museum Of Americana
  31. "Beard" published in The Journal
  32. "Passwords" published in deComp
  33. "Self-Portrait As A Husband" published in Bat City Review
  34. "Lazy Eye" published in Sentinel Quarterly
  35. "Exit, Pursued By A Bear" published in Sentinel Quarterly
  36. "My Father's Record Player" published in Beech Street Review