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My name is John Paul Davis. I write poetry, build things on the web with code, make music and visual art. I love making things. This website is mostly about the things I make and do.

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  1. "Trying" published in Calamus Journal

    New poem "Trying" is in issue 10 of Calamus Journal.

  2. NYC: Reading at Union Square Slam June 6

    I'll be readingin New York at Union Square Slam on June 6, 7PM. At Bureau of General Services - Queer Division (208 W 13th St, Room 210).

  3. 2 Poems Published in Apricity Press's latest issue

    My poems "Self" and "Sound" appear in Apricity Press's latest issue.

  4. Brand new site!

    You're looking at the freshly-coded, just-launched, fifteenth version of 2017 marks 20 years since I launched the first version.