John Paul Davis


  1. Sweet Sixteen

    I designed and built the previous version of this site, its fifteenth, in early 2017. At the time, my book of poems, Crown Prince Of Rabbits, was about to be published, and I wanted to refit the site to promote the book and invite readers to explore newly-published poems, as well as explore my other projects. I also wanted the site to function as a sort of portfolio piece displaying the best of my work writing HTML, CSS and Javascript. Since then, a number of things have shifted for me, and I decided earlier this year it was time for a redesign, resulting in the sixteenth version of this site. For example, I’ve learned about how bad for the planet big websites that consume a lot of data are; internet usage now accounts for more greenhouse gas production than the airline industry (and this was before the recent pandemic grounded most planes.... Read more

  2. New Music and Poetry for early 2021

    Today will be the first really warm day of spring, and therefore of this year. My morning walk through Fort Tryon Par... Read more